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Where can you find us?

Selena USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Selena Group. Selena Group is one of the global leaders in one component polyurethane foam manufacturing and distribution. Selena Group also specializes in sealant & adhesive production. Selena USA opened in 2001 and has consistently grown into a strong organization in the competitive foam insulation, sealant, and adhesive industry.

We look for growth-minded individuals that share our values of exceptional service while maintaining a team-oriented mentality.   

Who are we looking for?

We bet on people who subscribe to our values: entrepreneurship, perseverance, creativity, honesty, loyalty and knowledge. We believe that every person as Selena USA reflects on who we are as a company. Therefore, an encouraging, passionate, self-starting, and multi-faceted personality is a must. The professional contractors and installers we service daily have to work with a level of professionalism and accuracy, so we ask the same out of our staff.

What do we offer?

Selena USA offers competitive compensation packages. We utilize Management by Objective (MBO), so our employees understand what is expected of them while still having a great deal of autonomy. MBO involves a bonus system, which facilitates fair and relevant remuneration. We have an aggressive growth strategy and are experiencing fabulous growth in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

In order to support our employees in expanding their knowledge, we have created educational funds in most of our subsidiaries, which gives our staff the opportunity to participate in trainings, MBA and postgraduate programs.



How to apply

Candidates interested in joining our team are asked to send their resume and cover letter with reference number from the ad to:

What does the process look like

We want to get to know You! We gain as much information as possible so we can be confident that your employment will be mutually beneficial. Once we know you are a good fit, we will have you in to talk face-to-face. We will respond as quickly as possible if we feel as though you are the right fit for our team.

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The full process looks as follows

  • Announcement of a vacancy
  • Pre-selection of applications
  • Interview with the Human Resources Department
  • Interview with the hiring manager
  • Verification of references
  • Determine if applicant is a good fit for the position
  • Hiring
  • New Employee Training
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