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Selena Global

Selena Global

Selena Group is a globally-operating holding based on Polish capital which manufactures and distributes construction chemicals.

The Group comprises 30 companies in Poland and abroad, including manufacturing plants on 4 continents. Selena runs orders in more than 70 markets globally. Selena Group’s business activities involve all stages of product development: advanced research, production, distribution, sales and global marketing. The Group applies the latest global solutions in all these fields, to provide top world quality assurance, which is confirmed with numerous awards and international quality certifications.


Currently, Selena Group is one of the three largest manufacturers of polyurethane foam in the world and successfully competes with global corporations of long-term traditions in the international markets of construction chemicals. Quality is the key element of the Group’s strategy. "Advantage through product" means that Selena is focused on achieving the highest quality in each of its product groups and solutions.

The Group employs about 1600 people worldwide.

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