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Subfloor High Yield Adhesive

TYTAN Subfloor PRO High Yield Adhesive’s innovative collapsing gel technology foams up after being dispensed and then collapses into a gel to provide the strongest adhesive with the most yield! It is part of the TYTAN Can vs. Case line of High Yield adhesives, meaning it replaces up to 12 conventional 28oz subfloor adhesive cartridges. It fills small gaps and cracks better than conventional adhesives which helps provide a tight seal, level floor, and protects against squeaks. You will be able to cut your installation time in half and use up to 50% less fasteners compared to installing without adhesive. You won’t only save time and money, but the long barrel TYTAN PRO Applicator will also reduce the strain on your back, knees, and hands compared to traditional adhesive applicators. It may even be used on frozen lumber when the air temperature is within the recommended range. It cures at a similar rate compared to traditional adhesives and should be used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners. It provides a strong bond to lumber, plywood, joists, trusses, decking, concrete, metals, masonry and others substrates.


  • One 29oz can replaces 12 28oz conventional adhesive cartridges
  • Meets ASTM D3498 and APA-AFG-01
  • Saves money, time, and effort
  • Superior adhesion- can be applied to dry, wet, or frozen surfaces
  • Eliminates nail pops
  • Increases thermal and acoustic insulation
  • May be used in as low as 23⁰F

Application instruction


SUBFLOOR ADHESIVE bonds floor joists, subflooring, trusses, plywood, particle board, OSB and other wood floor sheathing. It provides superior adhesion to lumber, plywood, concrete, metals and masonry substrates on dry, frozen or damp surfaces.


Always read all operating, application, and safety instructions before using any products from Selena Group. Use in conformance with all local, state, and federal regulations and safety requirements. Read all product directions and safety information before use.


  • Wear protective clothes, gloves, and eye protection. Use only in well ventilated area or wear approved respiratory equipment. Contact and application areas should be dry, clean, free of dust, oil, grease or any foreign objects, debris and contaminants that could interfere with proper adhesion. Clean and degrease surface with TYTAN™ Cleaner, acetone, isopropanol, ethanol (metals, glass) or detergent (plastics), and let it dry completely. Surfaces must be sound and in good condition. It is recommended to lightly spray surfaces with water prior to applying foam to enhance expansion and curing properties.
  • For best results and maximum yield, apply at temperatures 50oF to 86oF/ 10oC - 30oC. Use below 41oF /5oC is not recommended.
  • Shake the can vigorously for 30-45 seconds before attaching to recommended TYTAN Foam Gun and also in-between uses.
  • Remove protective cap, invert can, and screw the can firmly onto the recommended TYTAN gun - do not over tighten.


  • Keep the can inverted during the application.
  • Point gun in safe direction and slowly pull trigger to test dispense foam. Adjust knob on gun handle to get desired application flow.
  • Pull trigger to dispense adhesive, controlling extrusion rate with trigger pressure. The applicator trigger can be adjusted by turning the round knob at the rear of the applicator dispenser
  • Pull trigger to dispense adhesive, controlling extrusion rate with trigger pressure. The applicator trigger can be adjusted by turning the round knob at the rear of the applicator dispenser
  • Dispense a uniform 3/8” –1/2” bead on center of all floor joints and apply two beads side by side or one in ½” in zig-zag pattern where panels butt together. For best results allow Subfloor Adhesive to flatten for 3 minutes before attaching subfloor decking. Minimize gaps between substrates immediately, Minimum holding power is 2 hours; full bond time is 5 days.
  • Press subfloor decking into place and complete nailing of each panel within 10 minutes from application. Do not pull apart subfloor decking once it is set in place. Materials must be mechanically fastened to insure permanent bond.
  • Shake the can vigorously between uses.
  • When not in use for 10 or more minutes, gun valve should be cleaned with cleaner.


  • Clean Foam Gun thoroughly with TYTAN CLEANER immediately after use to prevent foam from hardening in gun.
  • Uncured Foam - Clean immediately with TYTAN CLEANER.
  • Cured foam - if hardened on skin - use an industrial cleaner with pumice. Repeat process until foam is removed. cured foam must be mechanically removed or allowed to wear off in time.

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