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Fire Block

TYTAN FIRE BLOCK is a ready - to- use polyurethane expanding foam formulated for filling, insulating and sealing gaps, cracks and openings in the interior and exterior of buildings. TYTAN FIRE BLOCK  Foam Sealant has been tested according to ASTM E814 (modified), NFPA 268 and meets the requirements for fireblocking penetrations around wires, pipes, ducts and other penetrating items in single family residential construction. TYTAN FIRE BLOCK  Foam Sealant  is an ICC Evaluation Service approved fireblocking material per ICC-ES Report 3302. This multi - purpose formula creates a durable, airtight and waterproof seal that stops air infiltration, provides high insulation value and saves time and energy. It has excellent adhesion to most building surfaces including wood, glass, metal, masonry and plastic. It is environmentally friendly with no CFC's or CFC's or HCFC's, and it is UL Classified. 


  • Type V Residential Fireblock* as evaluated by ICC-ES report ES 3302
  • Tested According to UL723, ASTM E814 (modified), NFPA 286
  • Product Complies with International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) Fireblocking Requirements
  • Inhibits the Passage of Fire through Residential Utility Penetrations
  •  Excellent Sealing Against Gas and Smoke
  • All-Direction Dispensing – More Comfortable Application in Places that are Hard to Reach
  • Easy-to-Use – Guarantees Significant Savings in Labor Costs
  • Durable Airtight Seal - Stops Air Infiltration, Drafts and Energy Loss
  • Excellent for Interior and Exterior Applications
  • Bright Orange Color for Easy Identification
  • Shelf Life- 12 Months

Application instruction

Always read all operating, application, and safety instructions before using any products from Selena Group. Use in conformance with all local, state, and federal regulations and safety requirements. Read all product directions and safety information before use. 


  • Wear protective clothes, gloves, and eye protection. Use only in well ventilated area or wear approved respiratory equipment. Contact and application areas should be dry, clean, free of dust, oil, grease or any foreign objects, debris and contaminants that could interfere with proper adhesion. Clean and degrease surface with TYTAN™ Cleaner, acetone, isopropanol, ethanol (metals, glass) or detergent (plastics), and let it dry completely. Surfaces must be sound and in good condition. It is recommended to lightly spray surfaces with water prior to applying foam to enhance expansion and curing properties.  
  • For best results and maximum yield, apply at temperatures 60oF to 86oF/ 15oC - 30oC. Use below 32oF / 0oC is not recommended.  
  • Shake the can vigorously for 30-45 seconds before attaching trigger and also in-between uses.  
  • Remove protective cap, and depending on application version: screw trigger and straw onto valve or screw the can firmly onto the gun - do not over tighten. 


Refer to instructions provided with ICC-ES Report 3302. 

  • Maintain the can in upside-down, inverted position during the application. All-Direction Dispensing possible when content temp > 59oF/ 15oC. 
  • Point straw in safe direction and slowly pull trigger to test dispense foam. 
  • Fill cavities to approximately 50% full to allow for foam expansion after application. Cracks wider than 2” should be filled gradually in layers. 
  • Cured foam may be cute, sanded, painted, or stained (not before 24 hrs. after application). Cured foam discolors and loses its stability and properties when exposed to UV light.  Paint or coat exposed foam for best results.
  • If idle for 10 or more minutes between uses, shake can vigorously 30-45 seconds before reusing. 
  • When not in use, can valve should be cleaned with TYTAN CLEANER. 


  • Uncured Foam – Clean immediately with TYTAN CLEANER or acetone.  
  • Cured Foam - if hardened on skin - use an industrial cleaner with pumice. Repeat process until foam is removed. Cured foam must be mechanically removed or allowed to wear off in time. 

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