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100% Silicone

Silicone is one-component, elastic sealant curing under the influence of humidity from the air, intended for sealing and grouting joints and to protect against moisture. 


  • excellent mechanical properties 
  • high resistance to UV radiation 
  • excellent adhesion 
  • low shrink 
  • does not crack 
  • does not contain organic solvents 
  • high flexibility after curing 
  • good adhesion to non-porous surfaces 

Application instruction

Prior to application, read safety instruction presented at the end of TDS and in MSDS. 


  • Combined surfaces must be clean, dry (no frosted) free of dust, rust, old loose old material oil, grease, paint and other dirt which reduces the adhesion of the sealant. 
  • Surfaces best degrease with acetone or ethanol (glass, glaze, metal) or detergent (synthetic materials).  


Packaging temperature prior to application must conform to recommendations in the table below.  


  • Place the cartridge in the mechanical gun or pneumatic gun. 
  • Cut off the top of the threaded adapter. Screw the nozzle tip on and cut off at a 45º angle, with the diameter equal to the gap width. 
  • Treatment make at the time of workability given in the technical data table. 
  • The applied sealant should be smoothed immediately with a spatula soaked in soapy water for best result. 
  • Joint is allowed to fully cure.  


  • Tools and hands clean while uncured adhesive with paper towel. 
  • After hardening with to hands remove water and soap. Tools clean while cured adhesive mechanically or with use an agent for removing silicone - Silicone Remover.  



  • Due to the acetic acid released during curing, acid silicone is not recommended for use on calcareous substrates such as concrete, plaster, brick. 
  • Sealant is not intended for sealing joints of natural stone, such as granite, sandstone, marble, etc. 
  • Sealant should not be used on bituminous surfaces, partially vulcanized rubber, chloroprene or other construction materials that bleed oils, plasticizers or solvents. 
  • Application not on sensitive metal surfaces for example copper and its alloys and silver steel of mirrors. 
  • Sealant is not intended for applications involving structural glazing. 
  • Do not use in totally confined spaces where it is not exposed to atmospheric moisture, because the sealant requires atmospheric moisture for cure. 
  • Sealant is neither suitable for food applications, nor for medical use. This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses. 

Typical application

  • glazing windows, doors, skylights, counters, glass-cases, partitions etc.
  • sealing of joints and dilatation gaps 
  • sealing of ventilation , heating and air conditioning systems 
  • protection of polyurethane foams against UV radiation 
  • small home repairs 
  • sealing and bonding aquarium and terrarium 
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