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Summer Sales & Marketing Internship


Growing global manufacturer of construction chemicals seeking excited Marketing Student interested in Sales & Marketing Internship.

Ever wonder if what you’re learning in school is what you need to know in the “real world?” School gives you an awesome foundation, but this internship will allow you to put all of it to practice. You will working on projects related to advertising, market research, market strategy, product development, creative analysis, and sales. You will leave the internship confident that you are equipped to land the best possible job out of college.

You will work with our Marketing Manager and National Sales Director to learn what it takes to develop new products, take products to market, and promote products for maximum success.

The best person for this internship will be passionate about marketing and comfortable in a sales setting. Market research will be a key component. Don’t worry, we won’t be asking you to construct a formula to determine the correlation coefficient; but you must be passionate about market research.

You need to show the desire to learn and execute projects in the following areas:

  • Market Research 
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Traditional Marketing Strategy 
  • Analyze Sales Performance- Review Performance Indicators 
  • Support Sales Team in their Sales Collateral

You will also go on at least two all-expenses-paid trips.

We are open to meeting your unique schedule requirements; but we are offering $15/hour 2 days per week for 13-14 weeks from May to August.

We are a growing company, so we are always looking to grow our team. A full-time position may be offered after the internship.

Working for a Global company offers the benefit of traveling the world. A small local office gives us the freedom to make quick decisions and respond to market demands.

This isn’t your typical “post on Facebook” internship. Your work will be used to grow our company. Good Luck!

Please send your resume to

To learn more about us, visit our brand website at or our corporate website at


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